Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Back to school!

Ok, so being the good mother that I am I finally decided to stop procrastinating and went school-supply shopping yesterday. With 3 kids in the same elementary school it was supposed to be a little easier logistically, since they had all grade levels listed on the same sheet of paper.

Now came the tricky part -- trying to find that delicate balance between your budget, satisfying the kids' tastes while hoping to instill some of my own (impeccable, yes) taste while maintaining order. Ok, maintaining is pushing it, preventing chaos is more like it.

The budget part wasn't bad, since everything was on sale anyway, so the main issues were the taste and my own sanity. Since when are these big-lipped, clearly ghetto-ish nymphos on every backpack, lunchbox and shoe? Hmm? I guess that anorexic Barbie wasn't that bad after all (as long as she stuck with G.I.Joe)....