Saturday, October 08, 2005

This is it...

I am leaving in about an hour. I'll try to keep a journal while at AMS and share some of the experience upon my return at the end of November.

Any "fan" e-mails can be sent to my little brother at
He might be kind enough to print something out and mail it to me...Better yet, send something to my Army National Guard friends who are in MS training before deploying to Iraq. Here's Greg's blog:

I'll make ya'll proud!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Shallow Thoughts on Beautiful People

I read about a study done recently in which groups of men and women were shown photographs of attractive people of both sexes. The study recorded the brain's responses to each of the brief exposures. In plain English, if a subject was attracted to the person in the photograph, a certain center in their brain would "light up."

Turns out, that while straight men reacted to attractive women only, female participants reacted to both! Hmmm.... So, that explains why both GQ and Maxim, as well as Vogue and Glamour are filled with more pictures of gorgeous women than anything else.

I admit, there are many women I find beautiful and downright hot. Now I have a perfectly good excuse to reveal my deep dark secrets -- it's all my brain's fault! Does it mean I am sexually attracted to them? I don't know...

My personal favorites are Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Julia Ormond, Eva Longoria and Halle Berry.

Then there was this question on the radio once, with which celebrity would you like to get caught under the mistletoe? I actually called in and proudly announced my choice at the time -- Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington. Looking back now, Tom Cruise -what was I thinking?? Oh, he's still adorable and clean-cut, but that no longer seems enough. Denzel, on the other hand, is like a good wine that gets better and better with age....

The older I get the more I find myself drawn to men who aren't necessarily devastatingly handsome, but rather those who have wit, character and poise, and that elusive charisma that transcends age and looks. All those things considered, I would probably pick Sean Connery over Brad Pitt, George Clooney over Orlando Bloom, and Hugh Jackman over Ben Affleck.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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Root Canal

Ow, ow, owie-eee!!! Somebody shoot me! I had a root canal done this morning and it hurts like hell. But I will remain true to myself and look on the bright side: at least it happened before my trip!

I am leaving in 3 days to attend the Academy of Military Science -- an officer commissioning program for those who are in the Air Force Reserve/Air Guard. I will not have access to the internet and the phone privileges will be very limited, so I won't post until I return at the end of November.

I'd really appreciate some mail -- cards, letters, newspaper clippings. I got the address if you need it :)

Monday, October 03, 2005

Happy to Be Here, Proud to Serve!

I have been deemed "fit to fight" for another year. Not only did I pass my Air Force fitness test, but I got a nice score I can be proud of. Side effects include nausea, dizziness, and sore muscles everywhere.

I am a good runner, but I don't exactly enjoy it. There are some nice things about it (aside from the health benefits) -- it makes me focused because there's a start and a finish; and it's a sport that doesn't require a lot of equipment or special arrangements (thus allowing great flexibility of time and place).

I am familiar with the term "runner's high" but I am not entirely sure I have experienced it. If the word "high" implies a euphoric feeling, then I have missed something. I keep waiting for it, but all I feel is a sudden opening of the lungs, a second wind, if you will. Perhaps that's all it is. I suspect it's a conspiracy, a rumor started by a small group of fanatical runners dedicated to promoting the sport. Kidding, of course :)

So, I'll just keep running and be all that I can be...oh, wait, that's the wrong slogan....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Besides chocolate and sunshine

Someone once said: "The best things in life aren't things at all." What are the best things in my life? And not just the universal things we all enjoy, like spending time with family and friends, or winning at something. Time for another one of my random lists that I seem to be so fond of -- My Likes (or a girl cannot live on chocolate alone)

I like...

  • smiling and laughing and making someone laugh
  • great conversation
  • helping someone
  • getting lost in a good book
  • waking up to the smell of coffee and rain
  • figuring things out on my own, like this whole blogging script business
  • big dogs
  • airports
  • peppermint tea and tea in general
  • dreaming
  • puzzles
  • pleasant surprises, like finding $20 in last winter's coat
  • people with lust for life
  • slow dancing
  • finally finding what I was looking for

and many more....