Monday, April 24, 2006

Anniversary Post

This is my 150th post! Whoo-hoo!! Let's see...I supposed to write something profound...
However, I wasn't even aware of this blogging milestone until I logged on this morning. So, instead I have random tidbits from my life that I've been meaning to share for some time:

When I was pregnant with Jimmy, the umbilical cord had one artery carrying the blood from him instead of two (happens in only 1% of all pregnancies). As a result of that, there was a 25%chance of a birth defect. The doctor warned me that he could be born underdeveloped (like missing a kidney) or autistic/retarded. I had an ultrasound every week to monitor his growth, in case he stopped developing and labor had to be induced.

I was paralyzed with worry, reading tons of material on childhood autism and other defects. He was born perfectly healthy physically a day after my 24th birthday; but there was no way to tell whether he was okay mentally. I would look at the scrunched up jaundiced face and wonder, but it still didn't matter -- he was perfect in every way!

He turned out just fine. A little short for his age and scrawny, but full of life and smart beyond his years. Oh, yeah, and I am still his "favorite girl."