Sunday, April 02, 2006


I am a news junkie -- TV news, news websites, talk radio, magazines. There are several things, however, that annoy me about the news coverage:

1) too much focus on the negative and gory ("if it bleeds it leads" mentality)
2) not enough coverage of world events
3) stupid banter between news anchors; seriously -- it's annoying as hell
4) celebrity gossip (isn't that what E! and tabloids are for?)

Regarding #1, I am not in denial by any means that there's a lot of bad shyte happenning in the world. But, let's have some balance, and hear the good news, like --

Since 2000, US forests have expanded by an area larger than Delaware. - Jan. 2006 Smithsonian

The World Health Organization has launched a five-day polio immunization campaign in Somalia to vaccinate nearly one and a half million children under age five against the crippling disease, which is on the decline there.

For the first time in 40 years, less than 20% of women smoke (one third of women smoked in 1965). Wanna quit? Free help line (800) 784-8669